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Isle of Iona - Iona

Iona is a small island in the Inner Hebrides off the Ross of Mull on the western coast of Scotland. It was a centre of Gaelic monasticism for four centuries and is today renowned for its tranquility and natural beauty. It is a popular tourist destination and a place for retreats. Its modern Gaelic name means "Iona of (Saint) Columba" (formerly anglicised "Icolmkill").

The Hebrides have been occupied by the speakers of several languages since the Iron Age, and as a result many of the names of these islands have more than one possible meaning. Nonetheless few, if any, can have accumulated so many different names over the centuries as the island now known in English as "Iona".
The earliest forms of the name enabled place-name scholar William J. Watson to show that the name originally meant something like "yew-place". The element Ivo-, denoting "yew", occurs in Ogham inscriptions (Iva-cattos[genitive], Iva-geni [genitive]) and in Gaulish names (Ivo-rix, Ivo-magus) and may form the basis of early Gaelic names like Eogan (ogham: Ivo-genos). It is possible that the name is related to the mythological figure, Fer hÍ mac Eogabail, foster-son of Manannan, the forename meaning "man of the yew".

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Staffa Trips

Tel: 01681 700358 / 07591 060267

Visit Staffa, Fingal's Cave and Iona In One Day.

It is a 45 minute sea journey to Staffa and Fingal's Cave which is always splendid and atmospheric with basaltic columns formed 59 million years ago. Puffins can be seen ashore in season and often guillemots, fulmars, great skuas, eider ducks, gannets, kittewakes, black-backed gulls, great northern divers and razorbills on the water.

If you are lucky it is possible to see occasionally a passing whale, basking shark, porpoise, dolphin or otter. The trip lasts 3 hours and you can disembark at Fionnphort or Iona.

Our trips leave for Staffa daily with at least 1 hour ashore.

From Iona: at 9.45am & 1.45pm and Fionnphort: at 10am & 2pm.

Prices: £30 Adult and £15 Child under 14 years.

All trips and landings subject to suitable weather conditions.


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