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Cornwall - Newlyn

Newlyn is a town and fishing port in southwest Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.
Newlyn forms a conurbation with the neighbouring town of Penzance and is part of Penzance civil parish, and is the southernmost town on the British mainland (though not the most southerly settlement). The principal industry in Newlyn is fishing.
Newlyn is located in southern Cornwall, just south of Penzance. It lies along the B3315 road which connects it to Land's End. Gwavas is a residential council estate on the outskirts of the village. Paul and Mousehole lie to the south.
The Ordnance Survey, the United Kingdom's mapping agency, used to base all elevations including mapped contour lines and spot heights on the mean sea level at Newlyn defined by this benchmark (see Ordnance Datum Newlyn). The mean sea level data was calculated from hourly readings of the sea level between 1 May 1915 and 30 April 1921.

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